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Reliability Analysis of Bite Type Tube Fittings Sealing

2021-05-07 16:36:28
Leakage reason
1, Steel tube without plug to the end
2, Nut not tighten
3, The surface damage of steel pipe or steel tube is not round.
4, Steel pipe is too hard
Card sleeve pipe joint sealing reliability analysis
Tube fittings leakage can not be ignored in the hydraulic system, leak can result in low efficiency, high oil temperature rise, actuator is not stable, environmental pollution, etc. Directly affect the normal use of hydraulic equipment, how to improve the sealing reliability of the joint body, it is design and manufacturing enterprises and use the unit has been faced with.
Bite type tube fitting has simple structure, light weight, small volume, easy to use, without welding, and has a good pressure resistance, vibration resistance, heat resistance and reliable sealing. Therefore, it can be used in high temperature, high pressure and vibration of the pipeline, is the ideal fittings hydraulic system.