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Why is stainless steel hydraulic transition joint popular in the market?

  • Autor:Luna
  • Lassen Sie auf:2021-07-22
1、 Wide application

In the fields of energy, rail, transportation, etc., due to the need to ensure the normal use of equipment and facilities, the materials and accessories used are required to be high. In the need of transition joints, hydraulic transition joints are often used in these areas. In addition, we can find that it also needs to be used in metallurgy, mining, marine engineering and other fields.

2、 Easy to use

At present, there are two types of stainless steel hydraulic transition joints in the market. One is soft and the other is hard. No matter which one, they are small in size and light in weight. Therefore, it is convenient and convenient to install, and the speed of operation is relatively fast, so that users can get better experience effect.

3、 Low cost

In order to ensure the sealing, some transition joints need to be welded extra while stainless steel hydraulic transition joints do not need welding. This can effectively help users save installation time, cost and cost, and make the maintenance of the later period extremely carefree.

It is the reason that the stainless steel hydraulic transition joint has these advantages described above, so it is popular by people. However, with the increase of its sales volume, many manufacturers have also targeted the benefits of this piece, which leads to more and more manufacturers and uneven product quality. At this time, users are required to Polish their eyes and select qualified products. YC-LOK. Jiangsu Yicheng. We are a manufacturer of tube fittings with 25 years experience in China, our product is of high quality, but not expensive, Many Customers used to replace Swagelok, Parker, Eaton fittings. Hope we can be your trusted supplier in China.