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The importance of a small tube fittings for connection

Luna 2022-07-08 16:22:25
Pipe/Tube joints are detachable connectors, which not only meet the requirements of normal connection stability, strong sealing, reasonable size, small pressure loss, and good process performance, but also meet the requirements of convenient disassembly and assembly.

There are many types of pipe/tube joints. Commonly used pipe joints can be divided into hard pipe joints and soft pipe joints. According to the connection method between the pipe joint and the pipeline, there are three types of hard pipe joints: flared type, ferrule type and welded type, and the hose joint is mainly a crimped hose joint.

There are also different connection methods between pipes and pipe joints in the hydraulic system, and the screwed end of the pipe is the connection thread. Tapered threads are mainly used in medium and low pressure hydraulic systems because they are screwed on by their own cones and sealed with Teflon. The fine thread has a good sealing effect and is often used in high pressure systems. However, it is necessary to seal the end face with a combined gasket or an O-ring, and sometimes a copper gasket is used, which is more suitable for connecting thick-walled pipes. The main components are joint bodies, receivers, nuts, etc. In applications, the joint body is embedded in the policy, the end faces are sealed by the gaskets described above, and the joint body and receiver are sealed by rubber, sometimes using the ball sealing method.