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Foreign trade services - risk control

Luna 2021-10-28 15:54:30
Foreign trade services - risk control
From Jiangsu Yicheng Fluid Equipment Co.,Ltd

1. Non acceptance risk

When the goods are not received, the goods are detained in foreign ports, which may incur a large amount of demurrage. Preventive solutions: as both suppliers and demanders, they should agree on the delivery time and delivery method, and communicate in time in case of problems.

2. Transportation risk

In import and export transactions, the transportation of goods may face the risks of pollution, jamming, accidents, intentional damage, theft, loss and damage. The shortage of transportation capacity caused by the epidemic may also increase the transportation risk. Preventive solution: query the type of freight insurance and purchase transportation cargo insurance according to the situation.

3. Quality risk

After shipment, the documents submitted to the negotiating bank are not consistent, the product attributes are inconsistent with the products specified in the contract, and the poor quality of the documents may cause risks. Preventive solutions: 1. Check the requirements and detailed rules of the customs bill of lading of the other country in advance to ensure that the documents are complete, consistent and qualified when the goods arrive

2. Before producing products, carefully check the contract provisions (type, model, etc.) to prevent unqualified goods inspection

4. Foreign exchange risk

When the seller receives a currency other than its own currency, it may incur the risk of exchange rate depreciation.

Preventive solution 1. Both parties agree on a shorter accounting period 2. Both parties agree to use RMB as the settlement currency to minimize the risk of foreign exchange