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How to use tubing fittings.

Luna 2021-06-23 17:02:03
Hydraulic system of the pipe fittings include tubing and fittings, they are connected to various types of hydraulic components, the delivery of pressure oil device.
Pipe fittings should have sufficient pressure resistance (strength), no leakage, pressure loss, easy disassembly.

Pipe connecting the threaded screwed into the main use of the national standard taper (ZM) and ordinary fine thread. The former relies on its own cone tightened and sealed with PTFE tape, suitable for low pressure system; the latter is good sealing, but the use of combination washers or O-ring face seal. Foreign popular Wyeth (BSP) pipe thread (more common in European countries, the production of hydraulic components) and NPT thread (more common in the United States produced hydraulic components).
Pipe joint is a kind of detachable connector between oil pipe and oil pipe, oil pipe and hydraulic components. Pipe joint must have strong pressure resistance, large flow capacity, small pressure drop, convenient loading and unloading, firm connection, reliable sealing and compact appearance. All the end words are used for the connection between pipe end and mechanical parts (such as hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder, oil circuit block, etc.), and the rest are used for the connection between pipe fittings.