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The pollutants and hazards of hydraulic system

Luna 2022-04-06 16:22:16
The manufacturer of hydraulic transition joint introduces the pollutants and hazards of hydraulic system-from Jiangsu Yicheng Fluid Equipment Co.,Ltd

From the perspective of automobile oil pipe joint manufacturers, the pollution of the hydraulic system in use will not only directly affect the main performance of the function, but also reduce the actual effect of application. It will continue to cause some damage, which will shorten the service life of the equipment. Therefore, when using equipment, we must adjust the pollution. In order to control the pollution level of the rotary pipe joint well, we must first understand what pollution the system software will suffer, what pollutants are the key, what the main source of this pollutant is and what kind of damage it will cause.

According to the master of the connector manufacturer, the first pollutant that the hydraulic system in application will touch is gas. The pollution of natural system software is not only gas, but also organic solvents, surface active chemicals, oil vaporization and dissolved substances, which are also very common in the application of hydraulic system.

The air pollutants in the hydraulic system generally come from the leakage position of the oil tank or low-voltage area, while the organic chemical pollutants mainly come from the residues in the whole process of production and manufacturing, which are invaded during maintenance and transformed into organic pollutants. Among them, organic chemical pollutants can react with water to produce alkali chemicals, etch the metal surface, and wash the pollutants adhered to the metal surface into the oil. These pollutants will not only endanger the effectiveness of some equipment, but also shorten the service life of the equipment. The price of high-voltage flexible joints is also very affordable.

In addition, the pollutants that will occur in the application of hydraulic system also include microbial strains, which are easy to survive and breed in water-containing gear oil. The main adverse effects provided are that the breeding will cause deterioration of oil quality, reduce oil wettability and accelerate etching. That may not work well, but also shorten the service life of some equipment and components in the system software.