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Questions for instrument ferrule tube fittings

  • Autor:Luna
  • Lassen Sie auf:2022-06-02
1. can the product be tried? Yes, please feel free to contact us about your demand. We can produce for you or send you if have stock.

2. What is VCR GASKET? It is a high-purity joint seal

3. is it necessary to seal the threads with raw materials or thread sealant? This depends on the type of thread. If it is a taper thread, it needs sealing tape or sealant. For details, please call our sales staff at 86-15751415316, or  0511-86889108

4. self installation. What to do if there is a problem? The installation method is wrong. The customer is responsible for the product quality problem. We will compensate for the direct product loss

5. how to ensure reliability? Customers only need to ensure correct model selection and standardized installation

6. are the installation requirements high? Not high, easy to install

7. is there a selection manual? Please call our sales staff at 86-15751415316, or  0511-86889108 to get our electronic model selection manual

8. how long is the delivery cycle? 7-15 days

9. what is the maximum withstand voltage of the product joint? Tube fittings equal to tubing pressure rating

10. how long is the joint life? The service life of the joint will be affected by your working conditions, installation methods and disassembly times. Specific situation and discussion

eleven point one zero μ In is the surface roughness, and Relevant ASTM standards are quoted for the pipe

12. in which industry is this product commonly used? It is used in chemical industry, oil and gas, semiconductor, alternative fuel, electric power and other industries

13. joint, what material? Various materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy400, C276, etc

14. is the pipeline also provided by your company? We can supply some stainless steel tubes and alloy tubes

15. there will be leakage when the hydraulic pipeline vibrates for a period of time. Can this joint be used to solve it? The anti vibration performance of ferrule joint is very good