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Joint identification Tube connectors(Screwed Fittings) catalog

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  • Relâchez le:2021-07-29
Joint identification Tube connectors(Screwed Fittings) catalog
Knowing the code structure of stainless steel or Carbon steel transition joint products can enable you to better connect the types and varieties of products. When we need to purchase such products, we can easily select the type, and the correct type selection can ensure the normal use and installation of products. At present, there are four common code structures on the market. Let's learn Learn about threaded tube connectors!(Screwed Fittings)
(1)Metric Thread with O-Ring Seal
(2)Metric Thread Bite type (DIN2353 Single ferrule type)
(3)Metric Thread 74 degree

(1)Japanese BSP thread 60 degree type
(2)BSP Thread 60 degree
(3)BSPT Thread

(1)NPT Thread
(2)JIC 74 (37) degree

4.Flange Type ( ISO 6162 Flange Seal)

Joint identification Tube connectors(Screwed Fittings catalog