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stainless steel capillary tube

  • Auteur:Luna
  • Relâchez le:2021-05-24

  Production method of the tubes:
  First of all, finishing, passivation, pickling and solution treatment were carried out on the tube blank, and then high-precision cold drawing was carried out. Under the strong deformation pressure, the rough steel tube products were initially formed; After solution softening treatment in the middle, and then precision cold rolling, the diameter and wall are determined by cold rolling process to control higher tolerance dimensions of outer diameter, inner diameter and wall thickness; In order to ensure the final yield strength, the solution treatment of the finished product adopts the continuous bright solution heat treatment device with atmosphere protection for heat treatment, and adopts the rapid cooling method to obtain the qualified product.

  We confirm that the annealed stainless tubes produced by cold deformation method.

  14% of nickel consisting the tubes.