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The application scope and difference between double ferrule and single ferrule fitting

  • Author:Tracy
  • Release on:2019-11-19

The application scope and difference between double ferrule and single ferrule fitting

Double ferrule fittings are suitable for: petroleum, chemical, gold, pharmaceutical, instrumentation, mechanical accessories, power industry.

The double cutting ferrule fitting is in the form of a cone, and the cut-in angle of the cutting ring has a double seal.

The sealing performance of the double ferrule fitting:High pressure resistance and vibration resistance and anti-vibration performance. The pipe can be sealed even if there are scratches, the double ferrule fitting has corrosion resistance and high-pressure vibration can still be used normally.

Joint materials generally have stainless steel, nylon, copper poly, teflon.

The differences/advantages between double ferrule fitting and a single ferrule fitting:

Double ferrule fitting and single ferrule fitting are used on the casing, double-card sleeve using special alloy, large deformation, but also to ensure its tightness and sealing, its strength is better than other materials.

General cutting rings fitting connection can be used double or single ferrule fittings, double ring fitting can be repeatedly removed several times and can ensure sealing. Single ferrule fitting connection with common cutting ferrule tube , because there is no thread need to be connected with the normal tube, there are threads to be connected with the sleeve. For the large double card set can guarantee strength, small cutting ring can meet the deformation requirements when used.