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What is the purpose of the check valve

Luna 2023-06-02 14:54:11
First,What is the function of the check valve
Check valve, also known as check valve, check valve, return valve, is a kind of valve used to block the backflow of media, check valve has many functions, mainly have the following points:
1, prevent the backflow of the medium
This is the main role of the check valve, the check valve has only one flow direction, that is, it can only flow along the direction of the inlet, to prevent the media from flowing in the opposite direction, when the medium countercurrent, the check valve will be closed, thus preventing the media backflow.
2, prevent pump and drive motor reversal
Check valves can be applied to pumps and drive motors to prevent the pump and drive motor from reversing by cutting off the reverse flow of the medium.
3. Drain the container medium
The check valve allows the medium inside the container to be discharged and prevents the medium to be discharged from flowing back into the container.

Second, check valve is suitable for what occasions
There are many types of check valves, and different types of check valves are applicable to different occasions. Generally, check valves are often used in the following situations:
1, butterfly double flap check valve is suitable for high-rise building water supply network, chemical corrosive media network, installation space limited network, also suitable for sewage network.
2. The lifting silent check valve is suitable for the pipe network with high quality requirements of water supply and drainage engineering.
3, the lifting noise check valve is suitable for water supply and drainage system, high-rise building pipe network, can be installed at the pump outlet, slightly modified structure, can be used as suction bottom valve, but not suitable for sewage pipe network.

Third, is the check valve easy to use
Daily life and industrial production are more commonly used to check valve, check valve function is a common valve, it is good in the end?
1. Advantages of check valve
The advantage of the check valve is mainly its function, can prevent the internal medium backflow, avoid the media backflow pollution of other media, such as the water pipe check valve can prevent tap water from being polluted, but also to prevent tap water flow to the outside pipe.
2, the shortcomings of check valve
The disadvantage of the check valve is that the fluid resistance is large and the medium channel in the valve body is tortuous, which is easy to cause certain energy loss and may affect the water pressure and flow of the internal medium.
4, horizontal check valve for diving, drainage, sewage pump, especially suitable for sewage and sludge systems.
5. Swing rubber check valve is suitable for domestic water pipe network; But it is not suitable for sewage with a lot of sediment.
6, swing single valve check valve is suitable for water supply system, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy and other industrial departments, the installation space is most suitable for the place.