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A brief introduction to conventional components of quick connectors

  • Author:Luna
  • Release on:2023-07-14

ISO 7241 A & B

1.Applications: bring to the industry a provendesign for use on construction equipment, forestry equipment,agricultural machinery, oil tools, oil equipment steel milmachinery, and other demanding hydraulic applications.

2. Specifications :

(1) Body size : 1/4~2

(2) Working pressure : 2000~5000 Psi

(3) Rated flow : 3~240

(4) Temperature : -20~120

(5) Seal : NBR

(6) Material Carbon steel , Stainless steel

(7) Thread : G, NPT

3. Advantages: Easy to operate, fast separation, valve core automatic closure, preventing leakage, good sealing performance, manufacturer direct sales, price advantage, worry free after-sales service, and can support customized samples and OEM. Interchangeable with the following productsParkerStucchiIntevaFasterHansenEMBDNP

4. The following drawings and real photos are for reference: