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2018 World Cup semi-finals match list released

Max 2018-07-09 09:11:16

As the referee whistled, the final match of the World Cup quarter-finals also ended the fight. Although the host Russia has done its best in the game. However, due to the overall strength gap, they eventually lost to Croatia and lost the game.

After the end of the game, the final four of the World Cup were all produced: France, Belgium, England and Croatia. All four teams are from Europe. This also means that the top four of this World Cup has once again become the European Cup.

In the semi-finals, France will usher in a contest in Belgium. Both teams have many world-class players. The total value of the players of the two teams adds up to 14.3 billion yuan. This also means that this matchup will be the most expensive matchup in the history of the World Cup.

2018 World Cup Semi-final schedule

July 11 02:00 France VS Belgium

July 12th 02:00 Croatia vs England