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316 stainless steel water pipe thicker better

  • Author:Luna
  • Release on:2023-08-22
The product quality of 316 stainless steel water pipe lies in its heat and pressure resistance, while the high temperature resistance and pressure resistance of stainless steel water pipe lies in its wall thickness size, temperature, working pressure and the purity of raw materials. Among them, the thickness of the wall and the purity of the raw material are two key factors.

Therefore, the wall thickness of 316 stainless steel water pipe can not only be too thick, but also as thin as possible in the case of ensuring performance, the thicker the wall thickness, the smaller the runoff, so usually home decoration stainless steel water pipes are the choice of relatively thin stainless steel water pipes.

When choosing stainless steel water pipes for home decoration, it is necessary to confirm the size of the water supply pipe based on the temperature and working pressure of the pipeline engineering system. Stainless steel water pipes have strict specifications for the thickness of the wall thickness and the uniformity of the wall thickness, if in the production chain of the water supply pipeline, there is no advanced production control equipment, or the process is not mature enough, it is difficult to ensure the uniform size of the wall thickness, which can not be ignored for the hot water pipeline system.

In general, 316 stainless steel water pipe is not to say that the thicker the better, nor the thinner the better, but the need to maintain the performance of the premise, the thinner the better, if you do not consider the performance, the water pipe is too thin, and may cause water pipe leakage, rupture and other situations.