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Application of hydraulic technology in agricultural machinery

  • Author:Max
  • Release on:2018-08-14

The hydraulic components have many advantages such as large power, easy installation, easy to control, convenient and comfortable operation, low failure rate, and easy maintenance. They are very suitable for agricultural machinery with varied structure and poor working conditions. For decades, hydraulic technology has been increasingly used in agricultural machinery, machine tools, construction machinery, construction machinery, aerospace equipment, etc., and has formed a huge market. The sales volume of hydraulic components in the world has exceeded 20 billion U.S. dollars, and the output value of the hydraulic industry in China has reached 8 billion U.S. dollars. Calculated according to its importance, in foreign developed countries, the market share of hydraulic components for agricultural machinery is always in the top five, and the demand for hydraulic components for agricultural machinery in China is more than four million pieces. In all domestic industries, the quantity is the largest. In the 21st century, the application of hydraulic technology to agricultural machinery has shown rapid development momentum.