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Hydraulic Press Work Needed Attention For A Long Time

Luna 2021-06-01 10:23:58
To make a reliable hydraulic system can long-term work, must be serious attention in the process of design or use the following issues:
(1)Prevent the air mixed in the system and in a timely manner will be mixed with air in the system.Air into the hydraulic system, can cause noise and oil as well as the oxidation, measures must be taken to prevent the air mixed with, and always will be mixed with air exhaust system.
(2)To keep the oil clean often. Mixed with impurities in the oil, can cause slide valve gets stuck, blocked the throttle holes or cracks and make the hydraulic components can't work normally, and makes relative motion parts wear.In addition to filling oil filter and various prevent external impurities mixed with system device, but also clean oil filter and replace oil Chen on a regular basis.When the hydraulic system assembly, to clean all hydraulic components and pipe.After test, it is best to each components and pipe down, again after careful cleaning installed.
(3)To prevent leakage.External leakage is not allowed, internal leakage is inevitable, but its leakage can not exceed the permitted value, if there is excessive leakage, can make the pressure rise not to go up, liquid motive can not achieve the desired force (or torque).And the size of the oil leakage is associated with high and low pressure, can make the unstable working parts movement.In addition, due to excessive leakage, make volume loss increases, the oil temperature is high, in order not to leak too much trouble, you should make the relative motion between the parts there is proper clearance and furnish proper sealing device.
(4) To prevent the oil temperature is too high.General hydraulic system oil temperature to keep 15 to 50 ℃ as appropriate.The oil temperature is too high will bring a series of adverse consequences.