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Manufacturing standard of ferrule type pipe joint

Jason 2020-05-28 16:25:44
Manufacturing standard of ferrule type pipe jointManufacturing standard of ferrule type pipe joint
Manufacturing standard of ferrule type pipe joint
The ferrule type pipe joint is suitable for oil, water, gas and other non corrosive or corrosive medium sealing pipe joint. The specification requirements of aluminum plastic pipe are relatively flexible. After connecting with the pipe, it has the characteristics of reliable connection and good sealing performance. Therefore, it is widely used in oil refining, chemical industry, light industry, textile, national defense, metallurgy, aviation, ship and other systems. It is also suitable for various machinists Hydraulic transmission pipeline such as Cheng, machine tool equipment, etc.

Manufacturing standard:

1. Ferrule type end straight pipe joint (GB / T 3733-2008)

2. Ferrule type taper thread straight pipe joint (GB / T 3734-2008)

3. Ferrule type end straight long pipe joint (GB / T 3735-2008)

4. Ferrule type taper thread long pipe joint (GB / T 3736-2008)

5. Ferrule type straight pipe joint (GB / T 3737-2008)

6. Flared type elbow joint (GB / T 5630-2008)

7. Flared type adjustable end bend pipe joint (GB / T 5631-2008)

8. Flared type combined elbow joint (GB / T 5632-2008)

9. Flared type adjustable end tee joint (GB / T 5633-2008)

10. Flared type combined elbow tee joint (GB / T 5634-2008)

11. Ferrule type adjustable end elbow tee joint (GB / T 3743-2008)

12. Ferrule type taper thread elbow tee joint (GB / T 3744-2008)

13. Ferrule tee joint (GB / T 3745-2008)

14. Ferrule type four-way pipe joint (GB / T 3746-2008)

15. Ferrule type welded pipe joint (GB / T 3747-2008)