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Phases for tensile tests on pneumatic fittings

They meet the requirements of the standard GB / T14514.1-2013, the tensile properties of the pipe joints have some provisions and now we have to examine the relevant test procedures.

1. Sample preparation: prepared according to the requirements of the standard test, standard production standard

2. Start test: open a tester power switch, monitor the switch operation test machine

3. New record: create a new record, which added to the test some of the relevant information, such as operator, operator ID, sample size, test speed of 200 mm / min, ambient temperature .

4. Install the sample: the support of the predetermined sample accompanied with a tensile testing machine, follow the principle of the first that follows.

5. Test start: click on the Start test button to start the test

6. The end of the test: the test meets the standard requirements automatically interrupts the recording of data. To meet the standard requirements you may need to do several times, above with reference to specific steps

7. Finishing test machine: first switch off the test machine associated with the power supply, test the machine accordingly and clean the finish.