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Product package

Luna 2021-07-06 15:51:01
1. Packaging: select the packing materials according to the specific requirements of the user, but under normal transportation and storage conditions, the parts shall not be damaged or lost due to improper packaging. For example,Rubber sealing ring shall be packed separately and packed with opaque materials that are free from pollution and damage to rubber.

2. Storage: the finished products shall be free of dirty masonry. Under normal transportation and storage conditions, it shall be ensured that the finished products will not rust within half a year from the date of delivery. Contact with corrosive and harmful substances is strictly prohibited. Direct sunlight and rain water immersion shall be avoided. Rubber sealing ring shall be stored in a place where it is cool, dry, ventilated and not in contact with heat source.

3.Mark: the package surface shall be attached with label or spray mark, and the contents are as follows: A. name of manufacturer; b. Product name and specification; c. Date of manufacture or batch number of production; d. Product quantity; 5. the product inspection certificate and operation manual shall be attached.