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Qatar World Cup semi-final forecast

  • Author:Luna
  • Release on:2022-12-13
Qatar World Cup semi-final forecast: Can the biggest dark horse be black to the end? Can France defend their title? Can Croatia make history? Can Messi win the title?

Let's predict a few final versions:

Version 1, if Argentina defeats Croatia, France eliminates Morocco, and Argentina faces France in the final, sparks hit the earth. This peak matchup is the scene that fans all over the world want to see most.

Version 2, if Croatia beats Argentina, France eliminates Morocco, and France plays against Croatia in the final, will it be a repeat of the last World Cup final? It will also be a moment in history.

Version 3, if Argentina loses to Croatia, France loses to Morocco, and Croatia plays against Morocco in the final, such a match will also be recorded in the history of the World Cup, and it is also the match that Football Lottery GS is most willing to see, so that they can make a lot of money.