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The Installation Features and Standards of Ferrule Fittings

Max 2018-06-26 15:41:50

The structure of ferrule fittings: ferrule, fittings body and the nut.On the steel tube should be set by ferrule, steel tube is inserted into the fittings at the same time, then we can tight the nut. Ferrule fitting, body cone and side need to fit tightly, after that they can bite into seamless steel tube which will be effective seal.

The features of ferrule fittings

Firstly, turn the nut tightly .Ferrule can be sealed while inserting steel pipe, its installation is very convenient.

Secondly, welded fittings are not skillful during installation, it may cause pollution of the material, it also can affect the purity of the line.

Thirdly, the ferrule fittings are used in the high and low pressure pipeline system, as they used precision seamless steel tube, it will cause leakage. We suggest that when the technical person use the flared fittings and the ferrule fittings, they should read the installation instructions, we note the order to install.

Fourthly, we need to check whether the front of ferrule is squeeze or swell. If it is already formed, it will cause the ferrule fittings to not move forward and backward with the steel tube.