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The requirements of hydraulic pipe fittings

Luna 2023-05-09 15:07:41
Hydraulic pipe fittings are used in hydraulic system. Most of the leakage problems in hydraulic system appear in pipe fittings, so the selection of pipe fittings is very important. The standard hydraulic pipe fittings should meet the requirements of convenient assembly and disassembly, firm connection, reliable seal, small size, large flow capacity, small pressure drop, good technology and so on.

In addition to the requirements of pipe fittings, the hydraulic system in order to prevent leakage, but also pay attention to the selection of pipe fittings, pipe fitting form (including pipe fitting design, gasket, seal, collar sleeve, the selection of leakproof coating, etc.), pipe design (including bend design, pipe support point and support form selection, etc.) and pipe installation (including correct transportation, storage, cleaning, assembly, etc.) Think everything through.