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Armoured asbestos high pressure hose

Tracy 2019-12-05 16:18:58

Armoured asbestos high pressure hose

Armoured high-pressure hose, its extensive due to steel mills, armored high-pressure hose made asbestos glass fiber, temperature-resistant more than 100 degrees - more than 1200 degrees. Steel mill for 32 x 42 x 2680 armored high-pressure hose, temperature is quite high, the hose must be imported hose, joint for anti-pull, 45 connector, increase the service life, there will be no oil leakage, oil seepage phenomenon.


Product structure type:

Mainly composed of liquid-resistant internal glue layer, medium glue layer, wire reinforced layer, external glue layer with corrosion resistance, so that the transport medium under pressure, protection of the role of steel wire from erosion, outer glue layer protection wire from damage, wire (0.3-2.0 reinforced wire) layer is the skeleton material to enhance the role. In order to flame retardant fire proof-resistant temperature, the outside of the hose is clamped asbestos, and woven with stainless steel wire.      

1. Temperature range: 100 degrees C-1200 degrees C

2. Reinforced wire: 0.3 -2.0 reinforced wire

3. Asbestos material: asbestos fiberglass        

4. If you need more details, welcome to consult us.