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High quality tube fittings for connection supplier in China

  • Author:Luna
  • Release on:2022-06-17
High quality tube fittings for connection supplier in China
Jiangsu Yicheng Fluid Equipment Co.,Ltd

The main products are not chaotic. Such as do everything. We are specialized in the field of pipe joint manufacturing, we do the items which we are professional.

A truly high-quality enterprise should be technically ahead of the average level of the industry. Basically, it can do what you do not have, what you do less, what you do more, what you do more, and what you do better; Those who are always one step ahead of their competitors in the market will always be at the forefront of technology, performance, stability, safety, comfort, aesthetics and reputation.
A truly high-quality enterprise must have strict management, scientific process and rigorous style.

Every employee's working state is serious and responsible, does not shirk responsibility, is not afraid to solve problems, and does not let problems stay overnight; There must be strict operating procedures, strict inspection procedures and strict after-sales service mechanism; There must be a group of well-trained front-line employees, a group of skilled engineering and technical personnel, a management team eager to serve scientific research, production and sales, and a set of effective and encouraging salary incentive mechanism.

For a truly high-quality enterprise, the working environment in the factory must be orderly, orderly, spotless and clean. The production site must be excellent in fixed location management, lean management and 6S management. There will be no idlers, idlers and idle workers on the production site. The operating workers and equipment maintenance personnel will The jigs and fixtures are protected as if they were newly bought. Everyone must cherish the key equipment as if they were their own eyes. The workers' pursuit of product quality must be as meticulous and meticulous as making art. The enterprise's technology upgrading and equipment updating must never be satisfied and be courageous to rise to the forefront. The application and promotion of new technologies and processes must be the envy of all enterprises in the industry Follow closely.