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On Sino-US Trade

  • Author:Jason
  • Release on:2019-08-06
On Sino-US Trade

With the deepening of globalization, the economies of various countries interact with each other in economic development and interdependence, thus becoming an inseparable whole. At present, China and the United States are the first and second largest economies. The bilateral trade not only affects the mutual trade, but also has a far-reaching impact on the global economic output of the international community.

China firmly deepens reform and expands opening-up. The direction of China's reform will not be reversed, but will continue to deepen. China's open doors will not be closed, they will only open wider and wider. China will unswervingly deepen reform and open up, comprehensively promote the rule of law and build a socialist country ruled by law. China firmly promotes mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation with other developed countries and developing countries. On the basis of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, China will accelerate bilateral trade negotiations and cooperation with relevant economic and trade partners, further promote the "one belt and one way" international cooperation, and increase the new driving force for common development. China firmly promotes the construction of a community of human destiny. China will continue to play the role of a responsible big country and work with other countries to build a world of lasting peace, universal security, common prosperity, openness, inclusiveness, cleanliness and beauty.