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Reducer Tube Adapter With Swivel Nut

Tracy 2019-08-15 14:50:15

DIN standard reducer tube adapter with swivel nut often encounter the situation of pipe diameter change in the hydraulic pipeline. This joint can be the most simple and the fastest to play the role of pipe diameter change, good sealing performance, easy to install.

Eaton model : 2C,2D
Parker model : RED

Product description : DIN standard connector, metric thread 24° cone sealing clip sleeve straight connector

High sealing efficiency :
1.100% connection between clamping sleeve and precision cold-drawn steel pipe.
2. High sealing strength (prestressed) of joints.
3. No subsidence or subsequent leakage.

High nominal pressure :
1.The maximum nominal pressure of L series is 500Bar.
2. The maximum nominal pressure of S series is 800Bar.

Safety of joint equipment  :
1.Because there is a arresting device, so should be ensure the safety of the installation.
2.Safe reinstallation.
3.The front section of the sleeve material is pushed up and locked in the cut out

High fatigue strength of joints:
1.Safe connection with precision cold-drawn steel pipes.
2.No gap holding precision cold-drawn steel pipe.

Safety of joint and pipe connection:
1. Large contact area of card sleeve.
2. Tooth shaped clip sleeve has high strength.
3. High tensile strength.

Joint pipe standard solution :
1.All joints are in accordance with DIN2353/DIN EN ISO 8434-1.
2.Suitable for all kinds of general pipe.
3. It can be exchanged with card sleeve and bilateral card sleeve