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The Causes of Leakage of Hose Fittings

Max 2018-11-27 10:07:21

High pressure hose fittings leakage for the following reasons: o-ring aging or deformation caused by the leakage; o-ring assembly does not reach the designated position, make the two plane connection pressure uneven or o-ring was cut cause leakage; o-ring not compaction, insufficient elastic deformation caused by the leakage; o-ring seam allowance so deep into the slot and cause leakage. To this, need to re-select the same diameter and thick cross-section o-ring.

High pressure hose fittings can be with seam allowance of the tank sealing surface for cutting or grinding, to reduce the seam allowance groove depth, make o-ring have enough elastic deformation (compression amount shall generally be between 0.35-0.65 mm). For using oil resistant rubber plate, wool felt, mild steel board, composite pipe joint leakage of the seal gasket or sealant, whatever the material, we should check whether the seal damage, deformation, aging and roughness first, and then take the appropriate measures.