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Assembly Bite Type Tube Fittings

  • Author:Max
  • Release on:2018-12-11
The most important part of pre-installed

① Bite type tube fittings, directly affect the reliability of the seal. Generally require a dedicated preheater. Small diameter fittings can be pre-installed on the vise. In practice, as a parent with a connector, the nut, ferrules can be pressed onto the tube. There are straight tube fittings card sets, card sets Straight turning heads, bite type tube fittings and other types. It found that even in the same factory shipment, these types of fitting body tapered depth of the hole is often not the same, the results caused a leak, and this problem is often overlooked. The correct approach is, what kind of pipe end connector body, connecting the corresponding end with the same type of connector pre-installed, so can maximize avoid leakage.

② Pipe end should be flush. After sawing the pipe should be ground flush on the wheel, and other tools, and deburring, cleaning with high-pressure air blowing before use.

③ When preloaded, you should try to keep the coaxial tube and connector body, if the pipe is too large skew can cause seal failure.

④ Preloaded force should not be too large so that the inner edge of the ferrule just embedded in the outer wall of the tubes, ferrules should not have significant deformation. When making pipe connections, then the provisions of the tightening force assembly. ф6-1 ferrule tightening force of 64-1 15n, 16фmmr 259n, ф18mm to 450n. If the card holder at the time of pre-deformation serious, will lose seal.