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The Connection Form of Stainless Steel Quick Coupling

  • Author:Max
  • Release on:2018-10-11

Stainless steel quick coupling connection type is speediness, simpleness, and there are three kinds of stainless steel quick coupling connection form.

The first type of stainless steel quick coupling is the body cover bolt connecting the stainless steel quick connector. Valves designed in this connection form are bolted to the valve cover with bolted, wound gasket seals, which is convenient for maintenance.

The second type is pressure self-tightening valve cover stainless steel quick coupling. The valve body is designed according to this type of connection, and its valve body is connected with the cover of the valve and the inner pressure is sealed with the sealing ring. The advantage is that the greater the internal pressure, the better the sealing performance. You can use the valve reasonably according to the actual situation.

The third type of stainless steel quick connector is welded to the stainless steel quick connector. The valve body and the valve cover are fully welded and sealed in this connection. The advantage is that there is no leakage. The above three are the simple and quick connections and their advantages of the same type of stainless steel quick connectors.