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The Differences Of Price LockS The Machine Analysis

Max 2018-09-10 09:45:32

1, Lock the domestic reasons accessories

Hydraulic crimping machine system is an important part of the equipment. It has hydraulic pumps, valves, safety valves and other components. For example: the same is 10YCY14-1B piston pump, high pressure pump factory in a city needs 1,400 yuan, while some other manufacturers only need about 800 yuan. Path of solenoid valve 10, Shanghai and Beijing, China and Germany Lixin plant factory price of 450 yuan, while the price of other manufacturers ranging from 300-350 yuan, the other element is also true. So, select the superiority and inferiority of hydraulic components, the price difference should be between 30% -50%.

2, The domestic lock the machine processing reasons

Reduction processing technology and processing sectors, to achieve the purpose of reducing costs, resulting in issues that customers use. For example: pressure parts withhold machine, it should strictly be quenched lattice and then refined quenching. Some inexpensive items often withhold pressure direct quenching, eliminating the quenching process, the workpiece brittle serious cause problems to the device.

3, Lock the machine excessively compressed domestic employment cost reasons

Some inexpensive crimping machine manufacturers in order to save money often does not have a variety of inspection positions, such as purchase inspection, assembly inspection, warehousing inspection, factory inspection, etc., causing unstable product quality.

4, Investment in the domestic lock the machine lacks reason

Some of the company's new product development scale trial of new technology, whichever is about 3% -6% of output, investment is very large, and some small companies will not invest a lot of money on research and development, can only do some simple shape imitate, causing Christians have their tables, poor internal quality.

5, Domestic service does not lock the machine in place of reason

Price low withhold often simply lower prices to sell things to the neglect of the service, once the device fails, because the price is often not considered in this part of the cost, rather than make the trip, delays customers, but also may cause dispute.