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The role of hydraulic sleeve for Hydraulic Fittings

Luna 2022-09-02 16:49:02
The seals of the sleeve-type hydraulic cylinders generally use YX-type polyurethane sealing rings in China, which have the advantages of high pressure resistance, wear resistance and high strength. Reasons for external leakage of the sleeve (plunger): in a static state, there must be no extravasation. Under the rated pressure, the external leakage is not allowed to exceed the specified value after the sleeve (plunger) runs for a specified number of times in full stroke. Pressure resistance: Under the action of 1.5 times the rated pressure, the pressure is maintained for 5 minutes, and external leakage and permanent deformation of parts are not allowed. Durability: Under the action of rated pressure, the average speed of the sleeve (plunger) is not less than 100mm/s, the stroke is not less than 90 write of the full stroke, and after 100,000 commutations. Then carry out the external leakage test, the external leakage shall not exceed the specified value. The outer surface of the sleeve (plunger) must be hard-plated, and the chrome-plated layer is not allowed to have peeling and scratches.

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