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Top selling - compression double ferrule tube fittings

  • Author:Luna
  • Release on:2021-05-24
Top selling - compression double ferrule tube fittings
  The ferrule compression tube fittings of three parts: joint body, ferrule and nut. When the ferrule and nut sleeve are inserted into the joint body on the steel pipe, and the nut is tightened, the outer side of the ferrule type front end fits the conical surface of the joint body, and the inner edge evenly bites into the seamless steel pipe to form an effective seal. There is a lot of knowledge about ferrule connector. The working principle and performance index of ferrule connector are introduced in Jiangsu Yicheng fluid instrument accessories.

  Working principle of ferrule tube fittings
  The working principle of the ferrule joint is to insert the steel pipe into the ferrule, use the ferrule type nut to lock, collide with the ferrule type, cut into the pipe and seal. It does not need to be welded when it is connected with the steel pipe, which is conducive to fire prevention, explosion-proof and aerial work, and can eliminate the disadvantages caused by careless welding. Therefore, it is a more advanced connector in the pipeline of automatic control device of oil refining, chemical industry, petroleum, natural gas, food, pharmaceutical, instrumentation and other systems. It is suitable for pipeline connection of oil, gas, water and other media.

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