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Wonderful World Cup Rich Chinese Story

  • Author:Max
  • Release on:2018-07-02

As the world's largest sport, today's football, participation is deep enough, and the popularity is high enough. The sports culture formed around football has a wide coverage. The biggest significance of the World Cup is this: It is like a huge wheel, allowing all dreams to ride.

For the first time in the mountains, the children stepped out of the country to get close to the excitement of world-class athletes. The young volunteers, "I am involved, I give, I am happy," the pride and glory of the young people who are wearing the national flag to the World Cup, grasp the business opportunities of the competition, The busy figure of the employees of the Chinese enterprises going global... How wonderful the World Cup is, how rich these "Chinese stories" are.

The World Cup is a sports feast, and why is it not an economic strength? Inside and outside the stadium, Chinese elements can be picked up. From the mascot "Zabibica" to the Hercules Cup souvenir, from the stadium elevator to the central air conditioning, "Made in China" can be seen everywhere. Among the 17 official sponsors, Chinese companies accounted for 4 seats, showing overall strength and business acumen. Chinese companies have already stood at the important position in the World Cup business field. Isn't this the embodiment of China's significant increase in influence?

When tens of thousands of Chinese fans are eager to fly to the Russian arena, cheering for their favorite stars and supporting teams, the world sees the pursuit of rich spiritual life by ordinary Chinese people, and also sees Chinese fans know how to enjoy football. . C Ronaldo never gives up, Messi's lonely back, Neymar's sitting and crying, the sadness and joy of different skin color athletes, the same as your emotional nerves; Icelandic players' inspirational stories, the Moroccan team's fearless enemies, different countries The team still makes us excited. The infiltration of competitive sports and the fascinating diversity of football culture allow us to enjoy the beauty and happiness that football brings.

A compatriot who came to Russia to watch the game sent me a message from WeChat. He said: "Football has opened the door to the world for us." Indeed, football is round, so it may collapse and suspense at any time, but the world is flat, so people in the World Cup can experience the world The sense of distance disappeared, the different cultures and symbiosis between them, and it was also deeply understood that behind the success was a combination of talent, hard work, hard work, and luck.

In this sense, everyone has their own "World Cup." Everyone can write their own stories in the World Cup. With this "anyone can play the ball," enjoy happiness, create beauty, chase dreams.