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How many kinds of metal hose joint are common?

  • Author:Luna
  • Release on:2023-03-03

(1) External thread joint: mainly used for local junction box and hose connection. Open holes in the local box, plug the joint, and fix it with the lock mother.

(2) Internal thread joint: mainly used for cable pipe and hose wire buckle connection.

(3) sleeve joint: mainly used for metal hose and steel pipe connection, sleeve joint installation does not need to be on the steel pipe sleeve wire, the joint at the end of the steel pipe, a card is fast, with the characteristics of convenient installation.

(4) interpolation joint: mainly used in embedded pipe dense small gap, insert the inner diameter of the steel tube, installation is convenient.

(5) variable diameter joint: mainly used in steel tube and metal hose diameter inconsistent cases, according to the on-site installation requirements becomes big and small.