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Importance of tightness of explosion-proof tube fitting for connection

  • Author:Luna
  • Release on:2022-04-21
In recent years, with the needs of our production, more and more mechanical equipment are used around us. These mechanical equipment have brought great convenience to our production work. Explosion proof pipe joints are the joint products that need to be used on many of our machines. When we use these explosion-proof pipe joints, we have very high requirements for their tightness. How important is their tightness to the use of our machines? Now let's learn about it.

The main sealing function of explosion-proof pipe joint is the seal, which can well prevent the leakage of working medium and sundries from polluting the surface of the machine, causing the machine to become dirty and the staff to become dirty at the same time. Without it, it may also lead to internal leakage, which will lead to a sharp decline in the content of the hydraulic system, slow down the working efficiency of the machine, and even reduce the required pressure. In serious cases, it will lead to failure to work. In addition, the small dust entering the system will cause or aggravate the damage and friction of internal components of the hydraulic