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YC-LOK professional fluid solution

Luna 2022-04-15 11:01:43
YC-LOK jiangsu yicheng Fluid Equipment Co.,Ltd, professional fluid solution
Supply wide range of tube fittings, hose fittings, quick couplings, flanges, tube clamps, etc.

Tube fittings details!

1. Working principle
The ferrule joint compresses the ferrule through thread interlocking, and the ferrule deforms the pipe evenly to achieve the sealing effect. As shown in Figure 1, the pipe and ferrule need to be matched well. The pipe we generally use is cold drawn precision pipe with good sealing effect.

2. Characteristics
The connection of ferrule joint is very simple. Only one marker and two wrenches are needed to complete the installation, which is convenient for maintenance and can be disassembled and assembled repeatedly. Ferrule joint has good sealing performance and high cleanliness, so it is often used in high-purity gas pipeline. For ferrule joints ≤ 2 ", the nominal pressure can reach more than 20MPa. Ferrule joints also have detectability, and special gap detection can be used to check whether they are tightened.

3. Material
In addition to the common SUS316, there are brass, aluminum, alloy, carbon steel, nylon, PTFE, PFA, titanium and other materials. It should be noted that most manufacturers do not have SUS304.
4. Brand
Swagelok (Chinese name "世伟洛克") of the United States is commonly used. Its ferrule joint technology occupies a leading position in the world. Its brand has become synonymous with ferrule joint, a-lok of Parker company of the United States; Hy-Lok, super-lok, D-Lok and dk-lok of South Korea; fujkin (fujikin) of Japan and Bi-Lok of Ihara company of Japan. Yc-lok in China
5. Common type
According to different functions, it can be divided into: Union, elbow, tee, reducer, union cross, cap, plug, adapter, etc.
According to the connection mode of the joint, it can be divided into:

(1)Tube to Tube Union(All interfaces are tube lok, the most commonly used, as shown in Figure 2);
(2)Tube to Male/Female Pipe(One interface is threaded port and the other interface is tube Lok, as shown in Figure 3);
(3)Tube Stub Adapter(One end is a tube stub, as shown in Figure

4);Tube to Weld End(One end is a short pipe for welding, which can be tube pipe or pipe pipe, as shown in Figure

(5)other ;

6. Precautions for procurement

(1) There are many specifications and models of ferrule connectors (including adapter). When ordering, you must write clearly the name, specification and material. It is best to write the manufacturer's order number, such as the order number of 1 / 2 'sus 316 union elbow, Swagelok is ss-810-9, dk-lok is dl-8-s, yc-lok is yc-ue-8

(2) In fact, there are two kinds of tube officials: English system (such as 1 / 8 ', 1 / 4', 3 / 8 ', 3 / 4', 1 ') and metric system (such as 3, 8, 15, 20, 25mm) (both refer to the outer diameter of the pipe), but English system is commonly used. Therefore, the ferrule joint matched with tube can also be divided into British system and metric system, which should be explained when ordering.

(3) For the ferrule (or adapter) with threaded end, it is necessary to distinguish the type of branch pipe thread. There are two commonly used types; NPT (60 degree conical pipe thread, commonly used in American standard products) and Pt (55 degree conical pipe thread, commonly used in China and more in Japan). If different types of pipe threads are mixed, they may not be screwed in place, resulting in leakage or hidden danger; Even if some are screwed in place, they may not be removed in the future.

(4) The ferrule in ferrule joint is a disposable consumable, which is often lost due to improper storage or construction error (change), so it is necessary to order some spare front ferrule and back ferrule.