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Pipe clamp manufacturer direct sales in China

Luna 2022-04-02 14:40:52
Pipe clamp manufacturer direct sales in China, Jiangsu Province. -trading from Jiangsu Yicheng Fluid Equipment Co.,Ltd.

How to choose? Or adjust in your application aiming to be cost effective
Some points for customers to choose, and sincerely hope we can do something for you.

1. Whether The quality of pipe clamp is good or bad, which is rooted in whether the combination of each component is precise.

2. The pipe clamp can be divided into light and heavy ones, and the suitable one is selected with high quality and low price.

3. The pipe clamp can be made of different materials. It is suitable for the environment, such as PP, suitable for the working environment, - 30 ° ~ + 90 °, PN < = 8Mpa, poly amide, - 40 ° ~ + 120, Al, - 50 ° ~ + 300 °, so as to ensure the practicability of the working environment.

4. The bottom plate has welding and stamping types. The welding quality will be better and the price will be higher. The bearing capacity of stamping will be lower and the price will be cheaper.

5. The materials of bolts and cover plates used together include SS304, SS316 and carbon steel galvanized. They are selected according to the corrosion degree of the environment.

Therefore, after selecting the one suitable for our own quality requirements, we only need to inform the (Tube O.D)outer diameter of the pipe, and then we can make an accurate quotation for our customer. The following is the reference of some pictures and drawings, if for more details, please email or call us directly!