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About hydraulic hose fittings

Jason Gao 2019-09-20 10:12:36

Metric 24 degree tapered sealant pipe joint

The buckled SAE flanged hose joint is connected with the DIN standard 24 degree cone sealing fittings. The hose joint has O-ring, which plays a soft sealing role and has a better sealing effect. However, because O-rings are not heat-resistant, if the temperature is higher than 100 C, please choose products without sealing rings.

Oil leakage or leakage at the joint of domestic hose joint and transition joint causes losses.

The thread strength of hose joint is not enough, the thread of repeated disassembly and assembly is damaged, and the interchangeability is too poor.

It often happens that the joint of rubber hose is pulled out from the rubber hose, which results in accidents.

The rubber hose joint has no function of anti-loosening and self-locking, and will be loosened in the case of severe vibration, which will lead to accidents.

1. Eaton model: 10411, 20411, 20441, 20491

2. Parker Model: D0, CA, CE, CF

3. Product Description: DIN Standard Metric 24 Degree Cone Sealed and Pressed Hose Joint