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Detailed Explanation of Hydraulic Fast Joint

  • Author:Agnes
  • Release on:2019-09-18
Hydraulic quick joint is designed for special heavy load. The main joint material is chrome plated steel. The lock sleeve of the male joint and the mother joint has been hardened. It has good pressure resistance and fatigue resistance. It adopts two-stage sealing, no leakage, and has the function of safety self-locking.
The joint is a kind of joint that can be assembled and disassembled quickly without using tools. It has two kinds of structures, open and closed at both ends and open at both ends.
The open-close quick joint at both ends is composed of a joint body, a one-way valve core, a jacket, a steel ball, a spring and a seal, etc. There is a one-way valve in the inner chamber of the joint body. When the two joint bodies are separated, the one-way valve core extends under the action of their respective springs and is pressed against the conical hole of the joint body to close the passage, so that the oil in the tubes on both sides can not flow out. When the two joint bodies are connected, the two top rods at the front end of the one-way valve core can not flow out. Collision forces the spool to leave the conical hole of the joint body, which makes the oil in both sides of the pipe communicate. The two joint bodies are locked by steel balls. When working, the steel balls are pressed into the U-shaped groove of the joint body by the spring action of the outer jacket, so that the joint body is connected.This kind of joint is easy to disassemble, but its structure is complex and its local resistance loss is large. It is suitable for pipeline system with oil and gas as medium.
The difference between two-end open-type quick joint and two-end open-close type is that there is no one-way valve in the inner cavity of the joint. When the two joint bodies are separated, the access can not be closed. One end of the joint is connected with the hose by a Three-lobe hose joint, and the joint core of the hose joint is directly inserted into the fast joint.