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Bite Type Tube Fitting

Tracy 2019-09-29 10:23:44

The metric thread bite type tube fitting is composed of three parts: the body, cutting ring and the nut.When the cutting ring and nut are inserted into the joint body on the steel tube and the nut is tightened, the outer end of the cutting ring shall fit into the cone of the joint body and the inner edge shall bite into the seamless steel tube evenly to form an effective seal.

W-shaped end of 24 degree cone shank end(according to DIN3861)

The cutting ring adopts double-edged sleeve.

Generally, the surface of the joint body and the nut is galvanized. The working pressure of the joint is up to 63Mpa. The outer diameter of the seamless steel tube is up to 42mm.


Peculiarity :

- active load and double cutting ring design.

- easy to install.

- torque will not be transferred to the cutting ring during installation.

- clearance gauge ensures adequate tightening of first installation.

Double cutting ring mechanical grip design

The double cutting ring separates the sealing function from the gripping function of the cutting ring , and each them are optimized for their corresponding function.

The front cutting ring is used to form the seal: the seal between the connector body and the seal of the outer diameter of the cutting ring.

When rotating the nut, the rear cutting ring will push forward the front sleeve along the axis, and apply an effective cutting ring to grip along the radial direction.