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Stamping Elbow Process

Max 2019-01-02 11:09:01
Stamping elbow is one that is commonly used in pipe installation connected with fitting, connect two of the same or different nominal diameter tube, and make the line do turn Angle.So what is the process of stamping elbow?

1, stamping and processing of high production efficiency, and easy to operate, easy to realize mechanization and automation, this is because the stamping is rely on die and stamping equipment to complete the processing, ordinary press stroke times per minute can reach dozens of times, high-speed pressure can reach more than hundreds of times or even one thousand times per minute, and every time stamping stroke can get one stamping parts.

2, stamping, generally no chip broken material generated, less material consumption, and do not need other heating equipment, it is a kind of material, machining method of energy saving, stamping parts of the cost is low.

3, stamping processing the size range is larger, more complex shape parts, such as small to watch the stopwatch, big to auto longeron, etc., covering parts and stamping material hardening effect of cold deformation, the strength and stiffness of stamping was high.

4, due to the size and shape of mold to ensure the stamping precision, and generally does not destroy the surface of the stamping parts quality, and the life of the mould are long, so the stamping quality is stable, good compatibility, has the characteristics of "the same".